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Public Hearing September 14, 2018
Posted August 14, 2018

  1. Amend Reg. I, Sec. 2 – Commercial License Registration – to increase the Commercial License Registration fee for all commercial licensees.
  2. Amend Reg. I, Sec. 2(d)(1) – Crab Pots – to restore crab pot license holders as natural persons, and adhering to the intent of the Commission for one license, one individual person, one boat.
  3. Amend Reg. I, Sec. 2(d)(5) – Crab Pot ID Tags/Decals Fee and Replacement – to increase the fee for crab pot ID tags and decals reflective of the increased manufacturing cost.
  4. Amend Reg. I, Sec. 2(l)(2) – Hook and Line – to allow one person to hold more than one Hook and Line license. Staff recommendation is to approve, with potential consideration of a maximum cap per person (3–5) established by Order to prevent a monopoly situation, and with the elimination of the Tag Exchange Program. (Update Order #2016-07 to establish max. cap/person)
  5. Adopt Reg. I, Sec. 2(l)(4) – Assigned User/Agent of Gill Net, Pound Net, Haul Seine, and/or Fyke Net License – to establish a new regulation to clarify the assigned user/agent on a gill net, pound net, haul seine, and/or fyke net license and establish a fee for changing the assigned user/agent.
  6. Adopt Reg. III, Sec. 13(g) – Individual Striped Bass Allocation Transfer from a Commercial Hook and Line License to a Gill Net License – to establish a new regulation to allow a transfer from a commercial hook and line license to a gill net license.
  7. Amend Reg. IV, Sec. 2(a) – Late Payments – to change the penalty for late payment of oyster taxes because the current penalty is de minimis.
  8. Amend Reg. VI, Sec. 3(a) – Limits and Methods – to restrict the recreational harvest of oysters and soft shell clams to one day per week and limit the harvest per person and per vessel.
  9. Adopt Reg. VIII, Sec. 5(c) – OMR License Transfers – to allow OMR license transfers to give the participants more flexibility in the OMR program, and to establish a transfer fee.